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Alex Wallace


For many years art has been a sometime hobby fitted around the normal busy lifestyle of work and kids etc.  Now I am retired I can devote all my spare time to painting, drawing and sculpture.

I use a variety of  mediums but lately I have concentrated on Pastel painting and Watercolour pencil. This gives a variety of texture, detail and brilliance of colour.

Sculpture is another aspect of my art. Mainly figurative and modelled in clay, the pieces are then fired in my own kiln. The final result is glazed, painted with acrylics or coated with bronze (or other metallic) resin.

I have sold paintings at the Cheltenham Open Air Exhibition and the Cotswold Art Exhibition. I am a member of the Cheltenham Art Club and a Committee member of Cheltenham Open Air.  



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“Blue-gum Trees” 


240 x 190 Framed  410 x 360mm     




“Sunset” Halkidiki


340 x 220  (Framed  500 x 380mm)     



“Cotswold Sunset"


400 x280  (Framed  550 x 450mm)     




“Autumn Evening"


295 x 390  (Framed  450 x 550mm)     




“Mountain Village, Tuscany"


390 x 280  (Framed  540 x 440mm)     




“Evening Calm” 


350 x 240  (Framed  540 x 440mm)     





200 x 250  (Framed  365 x 430mm)     






Box Canvas  255 x 360mm     





“Fishing Boats, Porto Cristo, Majorca"


Box Canvas  500 x 500mm     






Unframed   460 x 380mm     










"Cheltenham, Promenade balcony", 2006

Pen/Ink and watercolour     

Framed  460 x 380mm     





"Cheltenham, Montpellier", 2006

Pen/Ink and watercolour     

Framed  420 x 355mm     




Malmsbury Abbey (detail I), 2006

Pen/Ink and watercolour     

Framed  410 x 280mm     




Malmsbury Abbey (detail II), 2006

Pen/Ink and watercolour 

Framed  380 x 280mm    




Malmsbury Abbey (arches), 2006

Pen/Ink and watercolour     

Framed   445 x 410         




Arab Study –2002       

Watercolour Pencil                  

Framed 26”x 22” (660 x 560mm)

- Sold -




Samburu, 2004

Watercolour Pencil 

Framed 660 x 560mm

-Sold -







Male Nude, 2005

Ceramic (Bas Relief) Tile and acrylic

161/2” H x 91/2” W x 1/2”D




Crouching Figure, 2004

Ceramic and acrylic

7” H x 61/2” W x 7”D




Male Torso, 2004

Ceramic and acrylic

101/2” H x 6” W x 5”D




Seated Male Nude, 2003  

Fired Clay and Acrylic   

7” H x 7” W x 7” D  




Female Figure, 1995  

Fired Clay and Acrylic    

13” H x 6” W x 5” D  




Contact Details


Alex lives near Gloucester, and can be contacted by e-mail: