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Amy Mould has just finished a BA (Hons) degree in Illustration and is now working as a freelance Illustrator. She has recently been involved in a group exhibition in Brick Lane, London.  Some examples of her work can be seen on the exhibition website

As an illustrator, Amy is attracted to the textures, character and raw qualities obtained with collage and printmaking. She likes the idea of sketches showing a fleeting moment, and collage adding history and stories to these spontaneous drawings.  Her aim is to capture the atmosphere of a place, event or experience.


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Seaside Bathers

Medium: ink, paint and collage

27cm x 30cm



Book Cover: Birmingham Noir

Medium: Original print (without text) was produced with various printmaking techniques

42cm x 58cm (original print)




Medium: mono-print

33cm x 37cm


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British Seaside: Deckchairs

Medium: ink, pastel and collage

10cm x 15cm




Fashion Drawing

Medium: Ink, paint and collage

31.5cm x 24cm






Medium: Various printmaking techniques

31.5cm x 28cm




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Amy Mould lives in Cheltenham and can be contacted by e-mail:


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