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Dr Who Mural December 07

Doctor Who fans, both young and old, should appreciate this mural.  I painted it onto a bedroom wall belonging to a young fan of the Doctor's.  He's well pleased with it, as you can imagine.  The image above shows the work in progress; so far just the Tardis, the Doctor and Rose.


Here are some photos showing the mural in more detail. The first couple of images show the Tardis in the context of an alien landscape, with K9 to the left, and various enemies of the Doctor closing in behind.  I've included a toy Cyberman helmet to give you an idea of the size of the mural:


Here are close-ups of a slightly battered K9 to the left of the Tardis, and the gleaming cybermen marching from the alien city to the right of the Tardis:


Here are the daleks in a bit more detail.  I particularly like the one on the right, who seems to be swooping down at great speed:

This was great fun to create, the whole mural taking about 16 hours to paint.


Star Wars Mural 2009


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