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'Winged Disc: The Dark Star Theory'
by Andy Lloyd © 2001

I am delighted to offer my first book in the form of a ring-bound manuscript by mail order .  This 140,000 word book is a large work, and is both illustrated and fully referenced.  In addition to an extensive coverage of the material contained in the Dark Star Theory web-site, 'Winged Disc' includes additional papers not available on-line: Nibiru and Nostradamus, the 'Planet Behind the Sun', the Zodiac of the Dark Star, and further evidence of Nibiru's passages through the solar system. It remains the classic format of the Dark Star Theory.



"Your grasp of the centrality of "Nibiru" in ancient science and religion is commendable"  Zecharia Sitchin

"Seminal Work"  Lloyd Pye

"I'll take this opportunity to say thank you and how much I enjoyed your "desktop" book 'Winged Disk : The Dark Star Theory', which I received (autographed) 6.24.2002.  Actually I liked the binder format, easy to write on.  I marked all over it.  Having read Sitchin's books, I appreciate the credit you give him.    As a "Christian", perhaps some of this research will eventually explain a lot of things to me.  It is a matter of scholarship and discernment and does not threaten me.  Millions have searched for who Christ was."  Frankie Ray

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'Winged Disc: The Dark Star Theory' Signed Manuscript
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'Binary Companion'

I am currently working on a sequel to Winged Disc entitled 'Binary Companion'.  A good many of the people who read 'Winged Disc' have shown interest in obtaining 'Binary Companion', which is a testimony to the quality of the original book.  However, at this time there is insufficient support to create the sequel in a proper book format.  While I have no problem with continuing to make little or no money from my research and writing, I draw the line at actually making a loss, and have no wish to succumb to vanity publishing. If more support emerges over time I may reconsider and will of course keep readers of this website fully informed.

If you are still interested in the future release of 'Binary Companion' please e-mail me to let me know, as I shall maintain a mailing list of interested parties.  In the mean time I shall continue to offer the manuscript of 'Winged Disc', which is a very substantial read in itself!




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