My practise is a process of integrating sculptural ideas with the live body and recording this in both live performance and video formats. The best way I have found to achieve this amalgamation is to make my intial sculptural ideas into objects which form 3.D. sketches. From these ieces I formulate ideas for live performance. After staging the live piece I review it through ananlysing the documentation and feed back from the audience. This enables me to isolate small actions that become the focus of my video work. Through making these subsequent video pieces I have found that re-contextualising my movements through framing and focus refines them and leads to further spontaneity. I am interested in how cestain body parts have meaning attached to them and how this can be re-written through the addition of secondary materials, the movement of the given body part upon, through and with that material. Hence my work often focuses on a very specific part of the body, the foot for example or the neck. The secondary materials that I have chosen to explore with the live body, have similar sticky adhesive qualities to them. Such as treacle, blue tack, lemonade and plasters. By experimenting with a greater or lesser amount of the material in contact with the body I explore the restriction or unfamiliar body movement that can be achieved with these materials. George Bataille's essay, 'The Big Toe' is descriptive towards the essential intentions of my work, Bataille writes of The Big Toe: 'Human life entails, infact the rage of seeing oneself as a back and forth movement from refuse to the ideal, and from the ideal to refuse - a rage that is easily directed against an organ as base as the foot.' Through the addition of secondary objects I aim to engage with these poetics, investigating it, questioning it, effectively building on the myths of certain effortless ways of movement.