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This is the traditional territory for the amateur artist, and competing in this field is really, really difficult. Part of the problem for me is the medium I use; acrylic.  I find watercolour difficult, and oils messy.  Acrylic paint dries quickly, which is useful when you've got two young boys running around.  I also like the effects you can achieve, and have developed this 'airbrush'-like style using acrylic, which is really unusual. But the colours don't seem to lend themselves to landscapes as well as watercolour.  Don't know why.

So I tend to stick with seascapes and clear lakes.  Oh, and Venice of course, which is mandatory amateur artist fayre.

I've done stacks and stacks of landscape paintings. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.   But, for me, it just doesn't seem to sell as well. I can only assume this is because of the stiff competition out there.  There are some really great landscape painters in Gloucestershire. 

You can tell I'm right handed with this picture of the Houses of Parliament: Big Ben leans to the right (Just like real life then!)


These are three landscapes painted as commissions for the same family during 2004; a stretch of Cornish coastline, a British-built bridge at Sukkur in Pakistan and a woodland stream, a scene I have enjoyed painting before.

Here are a couple of seaside sunsets; the first of the old Pier at Brighton, and a lighthouse at Peggy's Cove in the U.S.

I love this painting of a cottage and bridge in North Wales, but have never been able to sell it.  It takes pride of place above my computer desk, and another copy of the same painting hangs in my friend's farmhouse. 

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