“Everything laid out in this space was in my studio. Some of it has been with me for some time, some of it has been recently acquired. Most of it could be useful at some time, but some is quite clearly junk. A lot of it has been removed from the vehicle in which I live, the rest has accumulated whilst living elsewhere. The wardrobe contains many unfinished projects which I have started over the last five years, some of which I intend to finish, maybe over the next five years. There is nothing particularly significant about either these objects or the way they are arranged, this is just a direct transferral from my studio to this space. Everything in this space is there because it was in my studio, it was in my studio because I needed it to be somewhere. When I finally have to relinquish my space, everything that I have had no use for will have to go somewhere. Most of it could be useful at some time, but some of it is quite clearly just junk. Some found significance in that which had not, and not in that which had. This is what it is for.” “The absence of the logical in the logical calls for an overplacement of some forcible recognition. This overplacement, a nonillogical ignore-ance of the logical plausible, as opposed to an illogical ignorance of the possible logical, demands a righteousness of proportion, or total dismissal, depending on perception.”