At the moment I describe my work as photographic sculpture. I use liquid light to print on objects that I find, or get specially, to create work that assembles itself in a space. The relation to the space is as important as the relation to the material the images are printed on. I find that certain materials provoke certain images - and that certain images demand specific materials. The black and white prints remind me of memories of dreams: the simple way we remember things.
I take snapshots very quickly, with little or no planning inorder to resemble the 'snapshots' we take with our eyes. I don't look for the 'ultimate' that any camera is capable of in terms of focus, or exposure - the camera is only the middle man. The roughness of the resulting images matches the roughness of the material. They are not perfect, which makes them more real. Furthermore, the process of using light and time
- as with the camera itself. It takes the photograph of what I exhibit too. It's what I remember reality as.
One work relates to others. Therefore, they need to be exhibited as a group.