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The Exhibition's Committee

Andy Lloyd (Chairperson), Christine Smith (Treasurer), Jo Hurlston (Allocations), Debby Hooper (Deputy Chair), Martyn Dymott (Minutes Secretary), Sue Birtwistle (Week 1), Jane Ware (Week 2), Frances Arrow (Week 3), Mike Kingston (Week 4),  Frances Brown (Publicity) and Patricia Lee .

Applications and Contact details


Applications will be considered for 2018 from any local artist or group (approximately 20 miles radius around Cheltenham) to hire a screen for one week.    Please contact Jo Hurlston for details and to be put on our mailing list for 2017.   Application forms are sent out in early March. 

The screens are approximately 6 feet high.  It is suggested that new exhibitors apply for a half screen.  The hire charge will be from £26 per screen (6' across) and from £13 per half screen (3' across) per week.  In addition, a commission of 10% will be levied on each picture sold.

Pictures should be priced in multiples of £5, e.g. £35, £40, £45 etc, a with a minimum price of £25.

There will be stewards on duty to deal with sales and queries.  The exhibition runs daily between 10am and 7.30pm (finishing half an hour earlier than previous years).  Please see the list of regulations supplied below.


If you have any enquiries about the event, please contact Jo Hurlston, who is the Committee member in charge of screen allocations:

Jo Hurlston:

Regulations for Artists



ENTRIES:  All artwork must be the artist’s own original work.  No copies of work by other artists are allowed except in the case of ‘old masters’ when suitable attribution must be made on the label and the back of the painting.  Copies from photographs or publications that are not your own and would infringe copyright laws are not allowed.

Prints, hand-coloured prints, photo-copies, lithographs, computer-generated images, lino-cuts or any work that can be reproduced are not allowed.


FRAMING & HANGING:  All entries must be suitably framed fitted with eyelets or D rings appropriate to weight of picture and wire/cord attached ready for hanging. Glazed frames should be sealed on the back for protection and canvas with stapled sides should also be framed.


SCREENS:  Screens are approximately 6 feet wide by 6 feet high and a half screen is 3 feet wide by 6 feet high.  Artists wishing to exhibit pictures larger than 6 feet wide will need to hire an extra half or whole screen.  Artists will provide their own S shaped hooks to hang works on the fencing screens, heavy paintings will require 2 hooks, additional pieces of garden wire are recommended for extra security attached to eyelet and screen.

Neither the organising Committee nor the Cheltenham Borough Council can be held responsible in the event of loss, damage or theft and artists should arrange their own insurance if thought necessary.


LABELLING:  All work must be labelled with the exhibition labels provided.  These should show the Artist’s name, title of work, medium, screen number and price.  These details should also appear on the reverse of the painting together with your name, address and contact number.


PRICING & COMMISSION:  For ease of administration pricing should be in multiples of £5 and not less than £25.  Levy on sales is 10% of purchase price.  The artist or representative is responsible for paying any levy due at the end of the day the sale has been made before any money due is handed over.


HANGING & DISPLAY:  Exhibitors are responsible for hanging work each morning by 10am and removing each evening at 7.30pm.  Failure to comply with these times may result in the screen being re-allocated.  In the case of adverse weather a limited exhibition may be mounted, but you must turn up to hear the decision as to whether or not to hang, this will be at the discretion of the Duty Committee Member.  Exhibitors are responsible for filling screens adequately and for a balanced look paintings must not touch each other.  No advertising material is allowed on screens or labels – profiles of the artist are permitted but only on the reverse of the painting.


STEWARDS:  If you are allocated a screen you will be expected to steward.  This is a condition of exhibiting at the exhibition.

The decision of the Committee or Duty Committee Member is final on all matters related to the hanging or removal of paintings and allocation of screen space.  The Committee reserve the right to remove works considered unsuitable including those not suitably framed.

Return of the signed application form will be taken as acceptance of these regulations

If you have to cancel your screen less than 7 days before you are due to exhibit we will not refund your screen fee.  Otherwise, as long as we can replace you, we will give you a refund, less £5.00 administration charge.


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