Andy Lloyd

Occupation:  Charge Nurse, Artist and Author/Researcher

Age:               36

Nationality:     English

Education:      BSc (Hons) (First Class Honours) in Chemistry
                      from the University of Lancaster (1989)
                      Post-Graduate Studies at University of California, San Diego (1990)
                      Registered General Nurse

Status:            Married with 2 sons

Address:        P.O. Box 144, Gloucester, GL4 5YL, United Kingdom

Magazine and Book Publications:   

                        UFO Magazine (UK):  Aug 2001, Nov/Dec 2002, Jan 2004
                        Paranoia Magazine (USA):  Spr 2001, Win 2002, Spr 2002, Spr 2003, Win 2004

                        "Winged Disc" 2001

                         "The New Conspiracy Reader"

                        Kensington, New York 2004 (Ed. Al Hiddell/Joan d'Arc)


Web-sites:       The Dark Star Theory

                        Andy's whacko solar binary companion/ancient astronaut theory


                        Andy's showcase for art and artists in Gloucestershire


Unusual moments in life:

Took my first steps the same day Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon!

Hiking out of Wailau Valley, Molokai 1989

Gave a talk on Alchemy to graduate chemistry class, California 1990

'Zen and the Art of Crisp Packet Folding' video 1994

Painted wall mural in our nursery that featured on TV news 1997




Music:              Yes, MegadethJoe SatrianiSteely Dan,

                        Allan Holdsworth,  New Model ArmyRadiohead

                       Al di Meola,  Garbage,  Pearl Jam,   Nightwish,

                        Therapy?, QueensrycheMotorhead

    "From the frozen waters,
    The King will rise again,
    With 2 Suns in the sky"
    Bruce Dickinson

    Nightwish's "Nemo" MP3 File
    128 kb/s (1300 KB)

T.V.                        Don't watch it, with the rare exception of:

                               The West Wing,  The Fast Show, Banzai
                               The X-files, Trigger Happy TV, The League of Gentlemen

Authors:                  Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchin
                               Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, Dennis Bardens, Timothy Good, Gore Vidal

Beer:                      Old Speckled Hen, Boddingtons

Films:                      Brazil, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Pulp Fiction

Sport:                      Rugby; Watching Gloucester from 'The Shed' at Kingsholm   ("Glawster!!")

Family Web-sites:    James' web project
                                John's Homepage



Andy Lloyd, Dave Cosnette and Martin Cosnette
The 'Cosmic Conspiracies' team.

The New Gloucestershire UFO and Paranormal Hotline07963 961 706

Our house has been subject to some paranormal activity over the last few years or so.  An dark shadow entity was seen by Martin Cosnette walking across our ceiling the other evening, following the appearance of orbs and an explicable poke in his ribs.  I was in the room and saw nothing...and am grateful for that!!!  Ghosts appear to our smallest boy, possibly of my wife's deceased grandmother.  Another lady ghost, possibly my late Gran, appeared to Mart next to me a couple of years ago, after walking through a wall.  She was "as clear as you were", apparently.

Recently, the number of spooky events has been increasing, and I've started to experience the manifestations first hand.  We're working on a book about paranormal events in Gloucestershire, and have been busy interviewing folk with some very bizarre stories to tell.

Gloster Ghosts


Andy Lloyd 

Normandy, France, June 2004

Dave and Martin Cosnette 

At Radio Gloucestershire, May 2004


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